Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh Snow!

Well, apparently I can't get enough of the white stuff... Geneva is supposed to get 24 cm of snow in the next 24 hours, and I feel quite at home, like I never left Madison, at least from a climatic standpoint.  It did put a bit of a kink in things though, as the train route from Lausanne to Geneva is blocked.  For whatever weird reason, I left work a bit earlier today, thankfully, because when we got to Lausanne, a voice came over the loudspeaker and announced: "Ce train ne continuera pas jusqu'à Genève en raison d'un dérangement.  Veuillez descendre du train"  (This train will not continue to Geneve due to a disturbance (a.k.a. the SNOW).  Please get off the train.)

Oh dear, how will I get home to Geneva, I wondered?  That would be one hefty taxi fare.  All of a sudden, all the people who had just gotten off the train with me were running toward platform 6... we clamored to get on the InterRegio train, which promised to bring us to Geneva, albeit an hour later than expected.  All told, my commute took two hours and forty minutes on the way back today, rather than an hour and forty minutes.  The plus side?  I got to see lots of little villages that I wouldn't have seen otherwise (Morges, Nyon, Gland).  And it felt a bit like I was riding through a Christmas card, even if I was standing up squished into the empty space between two cars like a sardine for a lot of that extra hour. 

Tomorrow... SNOW DAY!  Which means I will write.  A lot.  For the diss. And have tea while I look out my window at the falling snowflakes...

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