Monday, March 14, 2011

It's a small world...

So, it occurred to me that in very recent history, I've experienced two run-ins with some of my favorite people in international cities, namely Geneva and Venice, that were entirely unplanned. 

The first story involves a certain Ginny Horner Hodum, who crossed the seas to do a J-term study abroad program in Fribourg.  Obviously, we were delighted at the opportunity to schmance on a different continent, and I was excited about the possibility of her meeting my dad who was visiting.  (Both Ginny and my dad are mirthful individuals.)  Unfortunately, Ginny had a required trip the day we originally scheduled to meet and have lunch with my pops, but we arranged to meet at a later date, sans papa.  My dad and I went about our day, which included a trip to the Geneva UN Headquarters.  As chance would have it, that is exactly where Ginny's required trip took her that day (we had not exchanged this bit of information beforehand!), and we did a little song and dance when we crossed paths in the gift shop.  United Nations indeed... bringing people together all the time.  And Ginny got to meet my dad!

The second story involves a former student from my French 203 class, Dan a.k.a. Danger (as in dangerous on the dance floor!) Rebholz.  He's spending the year in a town outside of Lille working as a teaching assistant at a French high school.  Gallivanters that we are, we both had made plans to be in Venice for Carnevale and exchanged contact information, so we could meet up for a spell.  As (bad) luck would have it, my phone failed to send him a text message to coordinate a time and place for a reunion.  No matter... just as I had stowed away my phone, resigned to the fact that our paths would not cross, my friends and I were leaving the little bar/cafĂ© where we had indulged in a little afternoon wine and tiramisu, and who did I see walking toward us?  DAN!  Venice is a small city, that I grant you, but we were on a little side street.  What are the ODDS that we would roll out at JUST the right moment? 

It's a small world after all.  And I just don't believe in coincidence.  :)  Meant-to-be reunions are grand...

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