Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Life ain't a track meet... it's a marathon.

So, as I've been tying on my running shoes lately, four times a week, religiously, as my training program prescribes, I've also been thinking that maybe I should approach my dissertation writing with the same zeal and rigor.  I mean, let's consider the similarities:

Marathon: Sixteen-weeks to train                 Diss: Twenty weeks left in Geneva
It's a LONG haul: 26.2 miles                         It's a LONG haul: 250 pages
Sometimes I hate it... I don't WANNA run    Sometimes I hate it... I don't WANNA write
Sometimes I love it... Runner's high              Sometimes I love it... Light bulb goes off
Requires daily commitment                           Requires daily commitment
Easy to procrastinate (ooooh, just ate)           Easy to procrastinate (new Glee show!)
I have to do it... even if others are training.   I have to do it... even if others are writing.
It's tiring!  My legs are pooped!                     It's tiring!  My brain is pooped!   
Apparently, you hit a wall (mile 20 or so)     Apparently, you hit a wall (chs. 1.5, et al.)
Equipment required: shoes, goos, carbs        Equipment required: compy, Coke, books
Reward=satisfaction and a medal                  Reward at the end=satisfaction and a
                                                                       piece of paper with three little letters on it   

I'm pretty sure there are other similarities, but maybe if I start thinking about my diss as if it were a marathon, I'll make steadier progress.  Rome wasn't built in a day, I won't run a marathon tomorrow, but I will in May this year.  I won't finish my dissertation tomorrow, but I will hopefully have it done and defended by May 2012.  Let the training begin!  Petit à petit, l'oiseau fait son nid.

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